Teacher Resources

Useful Links for the ESL Teacher


Idioms – No definitions, just a list of English idioms.

Idioms with definitions – Not a list, but searchable by alphabetical order.

Suffixes and Prefixes – A list of suffixes and prefixes with a link to root words.

Latin and Greek Roots – A list with meanings and common words derived from each root. This is a one page quick reference of roots.

Phrasal Verbs – Listed by alphabetical order.

Worksheets and Lessons

ESLFlow Printable worksheets and lessons for intermediate through advanced ESL students. This site covers just about every subject and ESL teacher can possibly need. Check out the printable board games.

Myenglishimages The worksheets available on this site are illustrated by artist Michael Klorian.

Conversation Questions – Get the students talking and listening with this huge list of conversation questions categorized by topic.

Stickyball – Basic phonics and grammar in large print makes these worksheets great for keeping the students focused on the topic at hand. These are great for beginning level classes.

Flashcards and PowerPoint – Nice free downloadable PowerPoint presentations with illustrated sight words and phrasal verbs. These are effective visual support for vocabulary lessons.

Fry Words Vocabulary Sight Words – This site is overwhelming! Just about every possible word list available from word families to Dolch to Fry’s 300. If you need spelling or reading materials for ESL then you are at the right place.

Teacher Tech Tools

Audacity – This free audio recording and editing download is easy to use and opens possibilities for ESL students or teachers limited only by your imagination. Want to place audio on your website or blog? Start by downloading Audacity.

Edublogs.tv – Websites and blogs are becoming an essential teaching strategy. If you have ever wondered how to post audio or video onto your blog or website, here is the answer. Just upload a sound or video file and Edublogs.tv will give you a URL and embedding code for that file. A real life saver for teachers with more ideas than tech knowledge.


Authorstream –Browse through uploaded PowerPoint presentations on many subjects. Most are uploaded by teachers or students. See one you like, view it in class during a lesson.

Student Self Directed Computer Activities

USALearns – A comprehensive English lesson with 25 Units covered in 3 categories: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced.

Starfall – I use this site with my 3-year-old. It teaches phonics, reading and the alphabet through songs, games and animation. This site is the best site out their for learning to read. It was designed for children and this makes some adult ESL students uncomfortable using it. Suggest the students use it at home with their children.

Lessons for Living Well – This site teaches about fast food and health. Topics covered include saturated fat, sodium, calories, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and basic health knowledge we could all benefit from.

Englishspeak – The most valuable feature of this site is it’s ability to translate English into over 25 languages. The English basic vocabulary, dialogue and common phrase sections can be listened to or read and are accompanied by a translation of the ESL students native language.

Wordsahead – College level vocabulary videos. The videos are narrated with definitions and examples. There  is also an illustration for each word. Great for SAT practice.

Prepositions for Beginners – A very basic site for prepositions of time and place. Includes practice, reviews and quizzes. Great for beginning ESL.

Phrases and Clauses Powerpoint – This is a very nice introduction to phrases and clauses in powerpoint form.

Phrasal Verb Powerpoint – This site has many flashcard topics with a power point for each topic. Click on the orange link and download the powerpoint to play it.

Songs for Children– A large collection of animated songs


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  1. Thanks teacher,you always help me in computer lab every Thursday afternoon
    12.40 Pm.Sometimes in school very slow to open the computer & replay new think.

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