Storycorps for Listening

Storycorps is a project aimed at “Providing Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of their lives.” The site created for Storycorps allows visitors to listen to these wonderful interviews of the everyday American.



Translate English words, phrases and conversations into many languages and hear proper pronunciation for every word. Easiest and highest reviewed website by ESL students everywhere.


Karaoke English is a fun site for students to practice listening skills with popular songs of the past. A limited selection of songs, but always a hit with students.

USA Learns

Many schools in California are shutting there doors this summer due to the budget crisis. Students in some districts will have to wait until September to resume their ESL classes. There are ESL schools that students can pay for courses in the summer, however the fees can be prohibitive to many. Thank heaven for sites like USALEARNS! This site is a free English course that students can register for and complete on their own schedule. Check it out! It’s fun, high quality, multilevel and free of charge.