Phonics and Learning to Read

This is hands down the best site on the web for learning to read English! I have seen amazing results with my students in pre-literacy classes after using this site. From letter recognition and phonics to beginning reading, this site is top of the line!




Karaoke English is a fun site for students to practice listening skills with popular songs of the past. A limited selection of songs, but always a hit with students.

Fun with Cartoons in ESL

Simple and quick site for 1-6 panel cartoons in black and white

More options, in color, but takes some time to master all the possibilities

The first comic maker I ever used. Simple with funny ( maybe sarcastic) looking characters

the following sites allow animation…

Go animate is one of the best known free animation makers…

This was a suggestion from a fellow teacher that uses it in his ESL class with great results…