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Storycorps for Listening

Storycorps is a project aimed at “Providing Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of their lives.” The site created for Storycorps allows visitors to listen to these wonderful interviews of the everyday American.


Short Biographies of over 30,000 people

This is a great resource for ESL students. It is a great tool for assimilation. I have noticed many students aren’t aware of cultural figures that I mistakenly assumed everyone had heard of. Just this week I mentioned Albert Einstein and discovered almost a third of my class had never heard of him. I hope you find Factmonster useful.

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A collection of English Lessons

The following list of links was collected by OpenCulture.org…..




  • 6 Minute English iTunes Free Downloads Web Site
    • Learn and practice useful English with the BBC.
  • Better @ English iTunes Free – Feed – Web Site
    • Focuses on conversational English, with an emphasis on idioms and slang.
  • Business English iTunes Free Web Site
    • Learn the English you will need to function effectively in an American business environment.
  • Effortless English iTunes Free Feed Web Site
    • It gets solid reviews.
  • English as a Second Language iTunes Free Feed Web Site
    • A very well liked collection of ESL lessons. Over 100 episodes in the collection.
  • English in the Real World – iTunes Free
    • The focus here is on the business world and things financial.
  • English for Spanish Speakers (’Por Fin Aprende Ingles’) iTunes Free Feed Web Site
    • Si usted haya asistido al menos a un curso de ingles, y usted necesita la oportunidad de escuchar al ingles y hablar el ingles, entonces ‘Por Fin Aprende Ingles’ es el podcast perfecto para usted. Presentado por Carla Staufert-Sauvier, una profesora de Mexico, y Jade Lindquist, una profesora de los EE UU.
  • ESL Business News iTunes Free Feed Web Site
    • A weekly wrap of international business news read in slow, clear English. Listen to the broadcast and follow along in the accompanying script.
  • Grammar Girl iTunes Free Feed Web Site
    • Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing. Whether English is your first language or your second language, these grammar, punctuation, style, and business tips will make you a better and more successful writer.
  • Speaking English iTunes Free Feed Web Site
    • 100+ lessons focusing on English pronunciation and vocabulary.
  • The English We Speak – iTunes Free – Web Site
    • Each week, the BBC looks at phrases used in the English language.
  • Tu Ingles! iTunes Free Feed Web Site
    • “Tu Ingles” is designed to help Spanish-speakers improve their ear for English. The weekly program features drills of verb conjugation, interviews, advice about idioms, and excerpts of speeches and other recorded spoken material from famous English speakers.

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English Banana

This site has a lot of teaching resources. The link here goes directly to a section where you can download an entire series of books full of ESL worksheets. You don’t have to print each 200 page book, just browse through it and print what you like.

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Mr. Perez Activities

Word order in statements with expressions of place and time  

Word order in affirmative sentences – Exercise 1  

Word order in affirmative sentences – Exercise 2  

Word order in affirmative sentences – Exercise 3  

Word order in affirmative sentences – Exercise 4  

Word order in affirmative sentences – Exercise 5  

Word order in negative sentences – Exercise 1  

Word order in negative sentences – Exercise 2  

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Prepositions for Beginners

Prepositions can be troublesome for beginning ESL students. The link below provides  elementary practice on the basic prepositions in English. It is a self-directed activity excellent for computer labs serving beginning ESL learners. It begins with a quick lesson and is followed by three quizzes. It encompasses listening, reading and visual recognition. Just another tool in your English Learning bag of tricks.

Beginning Prepositions

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WordPress is the Future of the Internet

O.K., I stole that line from an article. The article link is below. I had to share it because I am a WordPress convert. After using Blogger, DevHub, Wikispaces, Edublogs and so many more website builders, WordPress has proven to be the best. So here is an article by a guy that agrees with me.

WordPress Is Fantastico!

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Google docs for teachers

Upload student work, host important docs online, start using the cloud and more with Google docs. If teachers aren’t using this free resource, they need to get on it fast. Just sign up and you will know what I mean.

Google for Teachers

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Powerpoints for math

When I was a 4th grade teacher math was sometimes a difficult subject to get across to my students. I developed a lot of strategies that improved student understanding and engagement. One strategy that was quite effective was the use of Powerpoints.  Below is a list of Powerpoints, some of which I actually used years ago, that are quite useful and effective for math teachers and students alike.

Math Powerpoint

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