Top 5 Sites for Learning English

With so many English Learning Sites out there, it’s important not to waste your time filtering out scam and advertising sites that care more about earning a dollar than helping students become fluent. The following sites have received the highest ratings from ESL students. They are all free. They are all high quality. Most importantly, they are all highly effective in helping students become fluent English speakers.


This site is used in primary schools throughout the United States. It is an excellent tool for developing a solid foundation of the English phonic and phoneme rules that are essential for a fluent English speaker.

Englishspeak has two features that students love. First, it provides audio for thousands of words, phrases and conversations in English. This is a powerful tool for punctuation improvement. Secondly, this site has the ability to translate its content into Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Bengali, German, French and many more.


This site is very comprehensive. It has beginning, Intermediate and high intermediate levels. Students can register for free and keep track of progress as they complete each unit.  Many topics are covered and by the completion of the course a student will be reasonably comfortable with English communications on essential topics.

ELLLO This site has taken the place of for students that want to listen, watch and read at the same time. Since began charging for use of its site (an unforgivable sin and dimwitted business plan) it is essentially non-existent in ESL schools. has swept in to take its place with videos and audio for ESL students to learn and enjoy at the same time.

This is the original ESL site. Its been around for over 10 years and was created by an English teacher for Japanese students. It is not fancy. It looks like an old school HTML and flash website from days gone by, but this site has it all. Explore and you will find something useful, guaranteed.

If you want to suggest a site please comment on this post. I am always searching for the latest in ESL technology.

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